Don’t let your parents sway you from studying philosophy because it’s the kind of major declared by confused freshmen or stoners in fear of failing out of college.

A degree in philosophy opens more doors than one might think. By majoring in this highly intellectual field, you can easily get positions in high earning companies as ethics consultants or go to grad school for law. If you’re interested in this field, you ought to know that it is entirely possible and entirely smart to go on to major in it.

However, a philosophy degree is the kind of degree that matters where you get it from. If you’re getting a philosophy degree from some small university, you future employers might think less of you than if you received it from a university with an outstanding philosophy program.

Here are the top 7 universities in the US with the best philosophy departments. If you’re considering getting a degree in this subject, it is highly suggested that you go to one of these outstanding schools:

1. NYU
Any degree from NYU is going to mean significantly more to any employer worth their salt. Besides, living in New York City deserves an honor all on it’s own. While living in this city is difficult, there are few greater joys. Living in the heart of arguably the greatest city in the world while studying some of the most important material ever listed in a college curriculum is an experience you should not pass up.

2. University of Pittsburgh
This is a seemingly unexpected contender. This list includes Ivy League schools and then Pittsburgh. This college, while less well known than the likes of NYU, is number 2 in the country but also the world for studying philosophy.

3. Rutgers University
This campus is not only beautiful but full of some of the brightest philosophical minds in the country. These professors are ready to impart their wisdom on the attendees of Rutgers. While not as ideally located as Pittsburgh or NYU, New Brunswick is a fun college town. Not only that, but it’s only a 45-minute train into the big apple.

4. Harvard
I bet you’re not surprised to see this school on the list. Harvard has some of the best departments across all academia. However, it shines when it comes to philosophy. If you’re getting your education from Harvard, you’re not going to just learn about philosophy, you’ll be learning plenty of practical uses for your knowledge.

5. Princeton
Again, this university is not a surprise contender. Princeton is easily one of the finest colleges in the country. The best part about staying here is that you’ll not only get to say you’ve learned from the best in the field, but you can say you went to Princeton.

6. Berkley
Finally, a college that isn’t on the east coast. Located in California, Berkley is one of the best universities in the state. You’ll be enjoying the warmer weather, decent football, and fantastic educational instruction if you choose to attend this school.

7. Stanford
One of the more pricey private schools in California, Stanford is arguably one of the best in the state, if not the most prestigious competing with USC.

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