When you’re creating a profile, especially on a dating app like cupid.ly, you’re trying to market yourself in the best way possible, so you seem dateable enough to contact. Even though you should put in a lot of time and effort when marketing yourself, it can be very time consuming so which you half ass your profile so that you can get to swiping.
Unfortunately, that’s not the most efficient way for you to get matches or dates lined up leaving you back to square one; single and dateless. Focus on these easy self-marketing tips to transform your dating life and profile within a matter of moments.
1. Create An Original Bio:
Stay clear from cliché quotes and descriptions that other people may think they are clever for using. Be original and actually write things that make you stand out from all of the other eligible candidates with accounts trying to be unique. Write about what interests you and your best qualities rather than stating all of your pet peeves and things that annoy you.
It’s much easier to understand someone’s personality and humor when they write from the heart rather than something they think other people will want to hear from them.
2. Choose Accurate Representation:
We all know that there are certain angles, filters, and features that you can use to make your pictures look flawless. Hate to break it to you, but that’s just no realistic, especially if you’re hoping to meet up with someone in person someday. I’m all for putting an attractive and well-taken a picture of yourself on your profile but make sure you switch tings up with the other ones you’re uploading, giving the person an idea of who you are.
If all you have to offer is up close selfies ranging from all of the latest snap chat filters, then you’re really telling people you’re narcissistic and heavily depend on filters to show your beauty. Add pictures of you doing your favorite activities, hometown, best friends, pets or candid moments that accurately represent a day in the life of who you are.
Standing out and being true to character is much more appealing then a typical basic person posting things just for likes and to fit in with the crowd. It’s easy to filter out the people who are trying too hard, and it may not be the way to capture someone’s heart over a small screen.
3. Have Realistic Logistics:
If you’re using a dating sight to find potential lovers, then chances are you are a busy person that doesn’t have the time to go on a (wo)man hunt every chance you can when you have a little spare time. That is understandable, and so it is setting your desired mileage apart and age gap to a realistic standard.
As nice as it is to be open-minded, chances are less likely to work in your favor if you have over 100 miles distance on you and a match, leaving your potential match curious as to why you have your distance set to far. It’s easy to question your reasoning for being on a dating site, whether you’re on their for true love or pure boredom.

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